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Satgear Trade Benefits For Your Business


Customer Support & After Sales Service:


We understand how important it is to keep customers happy.

That means after the purchase has been made and not just while ‘getting the sale’

Our customer support is first rate and we are always happy to speak with you or your customer to resolve any issues right through from ‘set up’ to returns.

We know that user problems cannot be fully eliminated but we know how to resolve those problems quickly and effectively.  



Quality Products at Reasonable Prices:


Our products include components that are of excellent quality yet do not come at an extortionate cost!

This is why our products fit perfectly in the market place and are so popular with people who like to travel whatever mode of transport they use J

Vuesat products will enhance your range perfectly!



Thirty Days Credit:


Tiered pricing and generous margins:

Buy in quantity and you can enjoy better prices and higher margins

You can buy as many or as few items as you want; you can even purchase single units.

This puts you in control helping you to work within your budget and control your finances.



Price guarantee on like for like products:


No quibble! Find an equivalent product cheaper and we will match that price!





We offer a 2 year warranty on all our products.

This means that your customers are free to return any faulty component to us for replacement or repair within two years from purchase